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Travel Guide Mongolia, DuMont Publishing

In this guide we are listed under the heading “Tour Operators”.

“Mongolei”, Travel Know-How Publishing

In this travel guide we are listed under the heading “Tour Operators”.

In diesem Reiseführer sind wir unter der Rubrik “Reiseveranstalter” aufgeführt.

Mongolian Economy, German Edition, March 2019

On the occasion of the ITB 2019: Articles about us and the event “GS Trophy International 2018”

Article about us and the event

Cycling around the world in 800 days, 2018

During the cycle world trip we were responsible for Mongolia.

A journey that has never happened before. And an opportunity to experience the world from a different perspective – at eye level with the cultures traveled.

From Berlin to the Baltics and Moscow to Lake Baikal. From Irkutsk to Xi’an. Once across China and Southeast Asia to Singapore. By boat to Jakarta, by bike to Bali. Then Australia from West to East and the USA on the famous Route 66 from LA to Chicago and then on to New York. Then on the west coast of South America to Tierra del Fuego. From Tierra del Fuego again a bit to the north via Argentina to Brazil. From Rio we fly to Lisbon and then drive through Portugal, Spain and France back to Germany.

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BMW Motorrad, November 2018

International GS Trophy

The BMW Motorrad Int. GS Trophy took place from 3 to 10 June 2018 in Mongolia. 72 participants from 21 countries took part in the BMW Motorrad event.

Mathias Horn, BMW Motorrad, Project Manager of the BMW Motorrad Int. GS Trophy:
BMW Motorrad organizes the Int. GS Trophy, an off-road adventure event with all-terrain motorcycles from BMW Motorrad. This time our choice fell on Mongolia – a beautiful country with endless vastness and hospitable people. An event of this size requires careful preparation and organization. The search for a suitable tour operator, which supports us professionally, was not easy. After careful research, however, we came in contact with Mongolei-Reise, Henrich GmbH. Mrs. Henrich supported us as a Mongolian and as an experienced tour operator with words and deeds. We were very satisfied with the work of the Mongolei-Reise, Henrich GmbH and recommend this tour operator as a competent partner.

The Newspaper “Berliner Zeitung”, March 2015

In search of silence
In Berlin runs Munkhtsetseg Henrich a Germany-wide unique travel agency for tours to Mongolia

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The Newspaper “Die märkische Oderzeitung”, March 2015

ITB: When silence becomes luxury

→ The newspaper”Die Märkische Oderzeitung” reports about us.

European Woman’s Management Development Networt, August 2015

EWMD Learning Journey, Exchange of self-emplyed women

Thanks to the team of Mrs. Henrich

Dear Ms Henrich – The EWMD Learning Journey in August this year was a great success. All 13 ladies were totally excited, just because we had deliberately aligned the trip so easy. There was 1.5 liters of water a day, every three days a shower in the village, lots of tea and good food and optimal care by the tour guide Chemge and the crew of four drivers and two cooks.

Our expectations were exceeded. Not only the beauty of the landscape – we already knew it from many films and photos. It was completely different to stand in the middle of the hills and take in the vastness. This peace and quiet, the soft scent of chamomile flowers and the horses that grazed next to the tents in the morning. You can not describe that. Everyday life falls away, the day has to be shaped together. And the people. So friendly, open and communicative, even if the common language is missing. It was a pleasure to greet the families in the yurts, to watch the children play and to grasp the hard work of the nomads who live on the goats and sheep. We were in the middle of it and not spectators. Thanks a lot for this. We saw and rode the Gobi Desert, we were in the Vulture Gorge with the little hamsters, we went through long stretches of steppe, we admired the monastery Erdene and enjoyed the contrast of the city in Ulaan Bator. Everything was very balanced and every day had a climax.

It was wonderful how uncomplicated you put our wishes into the program. So we could visit the village Tsagaandelger and the cultural project and make workshops with the village women on two days on the spot. This Action-five NGO project was very important to our Mongolian friend Balja and we are very grateful to have had this experience. It was a great trip all around – and even today, after 2 months, we still come up with the Mongolian cheers: Tulu.

Transeurasien: Berlin-Moskau-Ulaanbaatar-Beijing, 2011 und 2012

During the five-month cycle we were responsible for Mongolia.

Looking at the world map, we notice the Eurasian continent, the huge landmass between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Even the most experienced travel enthusiast is familiar with only a few regions, and most of them are located in the European part, for the most part the unknown begins behind the Masurians and everything beyond the Urals has a touch of exotic distance.

Many have realized a dream and crossed the land between the Urals and the Chinese Wall on the Trans-Siberian Railway and flattened their noses on the window pane as they passed through the forests, steppes and deserts.What only few, lonely Globetrotters have realized so far, namely to cycle through Eurasia, is now possible in a small group. In April 2011 we set off on our adventure in Berlin. Along well-known and historical paths we cycle through Poland and the Masuria to the Baltics, where we get to know the big trading and Hanseatic cities of the Middle Ages, until finally we reach Moscow’s Red Square after just over a month.

Along the Volga, the road then leads us to the Urals, which separates Europe from Asia. The vast forests of the Russian taiga reach into the heart of Siberia. At Lake Baikal, we will linger for a while and regain our strength before crossing the steppe landscapes of Mongolia. In yurt camps we will be a guest of the friendly nomadic people. There we explore the homeland of Chinggis Khan and his descendants on foot or on the back of the short Mongolian horses. The southern steppes are slowly becoming one of the most feared deserts in the world, the Gobi. We follow ancient caravan trails and meet the largest trade route of antiquity, the Silk Road.

Beyond the Great Wall lie Buddhist cave monasteries and the sacred peaks of Wutaishan. While at the temples the prayer flags are flapping and little bells are ringing, it’s time to prepare for the final leg of the journey. In the mountains off the capital, we encounter breathtaking sections of the Ming Dynasty Chinese Wall, boldly built on the ridges. The Ming Tombs outside the gates of the capital let us dive into the past once more, until we reach Beijing, the bubbling metropolis, and toast to our tour success and 11,000 bicycle kilometers on Tiananmen Square under the watchful eye of the great chairman Mao Zedong.

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Volkshochschule Dreisamtal, Juni 2010

An impressive experience for 16 participants was a 22-day trip to Mongolia, which was offered by the Volkshochschule (Adult Education Center) Dreisamtal and carried out by the Mongolei-Reise, Henrich GmbH.

Through the mixture of different accommodation possibilities during this trip we got to know Mongolia from different sides, like the life of the nomads in their yurts, the pure nature and the silence by the overnight in the tents, as well as the more comfortable overnight stays in the yurt hotels. .. Adventure and team spirit should bring you something, if you want to undertake a trip to Mongolia – and trust Mugi (Mrs. Henrich) and her perfect team, because that ensures always competent that everything works great.

A very big compliment to the drivers, who were able to cope even with the toughest pistes and the two cooks, who always prepared a delicious meal under the simplest conditions. Especially the tour guide Mugi, who loves her country and her compatriots and showed a warmth and professionalism, not only when it came to us tourists. Thank you very much to this perfect team for the competent organization and realization of this really versatile journey with daily highlights that will always be remembered positively.

→ Travelogue Volkshochschule Dreisamtal
→ Travel photos of Eugen Rombach

The newspaper “TU Intern”, Dezember 2010

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